Tiny Eyes

Press: chris@lostinthemanor.co.uk

'New cut 'Falling' opens his forthcoming EP, and it's a nimble introduction to his feverish imagination.' Clash
'The simplicity of the lyrics is refreshing' Turtle Tempo
'Single Of The Week' The Vinyl District

Premiere: CLASH

About Tiny Eyes

After cutting his teeth as the frontman of an angst-rock band for a few years, Tiny Eyes auteur Joel Evans met his partner (singer/songwriter Martha Bean) and found himself mellowing out. Feeling disconnected from the angst-ridden world of thrashing guitars his band drifted apart. It was around that time that he’d acquired an upright piano from the 1920’s. Taking to the instrument like a bird to flight, he quickly found a new musical voice and tonality that harmonised with his maturing tastes. Tiny Eyes is a one-man band from Leicester, a singer and producer who’s reared himself on the understated elegance of lovelorn balladeers from the twentieth and twenty-first centuries. By turns evoking Lennon, Tom Waits, Elliot Smith, Flaming Lips and Tobias Jesso Jr, Tiny Eyes is a brilliant and unique new sound. He is a narrative songwriter in the classic sense, employing clever turns of phrase and vivid imagery to weave imaginatively fertile and provocative yarns into his music.

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