Marlon Brando Island


“As debuts go this is bloody smashing... one that lifts the band onto a new platform”
Listen with Monger
“A curious alt-post-punk-pop hybrid… with an experimental edge”  Little Indie Blogs
"Heart-racing, anthemic number that will get you out of your seat"The Revue

Premieres: Little Indie Blogs, CLASH

About Marlon Brando Island

The origins of Marlon Brando Island lie in the prolific bedroom recordings and determinedly DIY ethos of vocalist and guitarist Marcus Fulcher, whose up-and-at-’em attitude would soon establish him as a notable presence on London’s solo singer/songwriter circuit. However, it took the muscular contributions of Marco Testa Ryan (drums) and Edward J Thorpe (bass) for Fulcher’s sprawling, widescreen songs to realise their full potential. The London trio’s aggressive, experimental, innovative post-punk output has been variously likened to artists as diverse as Shellac, The National, Cloud Nothings, Talking Heads and Future Islands. The glue that binds these disparate influences into a cohesive and intoxicating alt-rock unit is the band’s shared belief that music can be transformational, that it should make such an impression on the listener as to change them for ever. And with a sound as stimulating as Marlon Brando Island’s, that change will only be for the better.

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