Eat The Evidence


'Eat The Evidence blend danceable rhythms with genuinely thought provoking lines'  Gigslutz
'Satirical ska-punk that sticks two fingers up at Theresa May' Clash

Premieres: Gigslutz, Clash

About Eat The Evidence

A breathtakingly entertaining hybrid of The Specials, NOFX, Ween and The Streets, Eat The Evidence are led by brothers Jack and Tom Lattimer, skilled musicians whose deceptively dextrous playing demands equivalent levels of expertise from fellow band members Ric Lygo, Joe Bartlett and Michael Saminaden. With an earthy, animated and uninhibited stage presence, the band’s live shows are swiftly becoming London legend, riotous gigs of carnivalesque proportions with not a little audience interaction. Exploding onto the ska-punk and festival circuits in 2014, Eat The Evidence are always the punkest band on a reggae bill, or the reggae'est band on a punk night. Either way, they will always own the room.
Capturing such visceral energy on tape could have been a challenge, but with the help of Sam Duckworth (aka Get Cape Wear Cape Fly), Jay Malhotra and Rees Broomfield, Eat The Evidence emerged from The Broom Cupboard in Southend-on-Sea brandishing their debut album, ‘Sex, Drugs & Wishy Washy Politics’, which surges from the speakers in a flood of sonic sweat. Eschewing romantic escapism for the distinctly down-to-earth, the album’s subject matter ranges from junkie girlfriends to the post-party comedown to political and existential conundrums, all delivered with biting satirical lyrics, breakneck rhythms and such a liberal approach to instrumentation that accordion, trumpet, ukelele and even slide whistle are thrown into the bass-guitar-drums mix. There’s no pretence, no heeding of passing trends, just the foul-mouthed rejection of societal flaws and a riotous celebration of the good times.

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