Watch/review: The Comet Is Coming – Space Carnival

Words by Nick Mee. @Nickjmee

The Comet Is Coming share some personnel with Melt Yourself Down and that band’s customary bawdy sax, tribalist rhythms and devil-may-care experimentalism are plastered all across this dance-oriented debut. ‘Space Carnival’ has an accompanying video whose vintage clips from the space age at first seem like a kitsch invocation of the recent work of Public Service Broadcasting. But the song’s inventive momentum soon blasts into a totally different dimension to PSB’s rather literal soundtracks as the astronauts hit warp speed to a rush of hallucinogenic psych-house and kaleidoscopic visuals. It’s a vivid trip, all right, and one that suggests The Comet Is Coming will orbit on a slightly more rave-fuelled plane than their fast-rising sister band when debut album Channel The Spirits drops in April.

Channel The Spirits is out on 1 April on Leaf