Watch/review: JuJu – Samael

Words by Dein Moore @deingerous1

Sicily-based JuJu provide us with the voodoo sonics of ‘Samael’ as a debut single that enchants and hypnotises. The track opens with a great riff and melody that has a hint of Depeche Mode’s 'Personal Jesus' to it, but stands on its own due to a unique blend of sounds. ‘Samael’ has a haunting feel throughout and gradually builds to an exciting climax filled with wailing guitar distortion, but the groove that swims throughout is what grabbed my ears. This groove is persistent, demanding attention with a bold but simple bassline and somewhat distorted vocals with a spoken, spooky tone. 'Samael' is ignited by krautrock repetition, droning fuzz-coated psych riffs, some prog infusion, folk vocals and tribal rock atmospherics. It has a lot to say and insists you take notice. I look forward to more from JuJu.

JuJu’s self-titled debut album is out on 6 May on Sunrise Ocean Bender Records