Watch/review: Benedict Benjamin – My Feet Have No Need For The Ground

Words by Matthew Doyle. @mmmmdoyle

The merit of an artist can arguably be measured by how their art is interpreted and imagined. Can you see Hemingway’s Spain in Fiesta!? Does Kubrick’s 2001 make you fear your phone and its techy cohorts? Do you feel like a blonde single girl in a fantasy world when you listen to Aqua’s ‘Barbie Girl’?

Benedict Benjamin’s latest single, ‘My Feet Have No Need For the Ground’drops you into a place all too familiar: the loss of love and the pain that accompanies it. But Benjamin’s folky guitar riff and Neil Young-esque, Roy Orbinson-y tones show an impressive range and feeling that makes the track both heartfelt and alluring to listen to, while still clinging to the ache of heartbreak. Complete with its video, the song blends the charming aesthetic of a Wes Anderson film with “the dream-like beauty of early Sixties pop music”, and ‘My Feet Have No Need For the Ground’ is a fantastic trailer for the upcoming album Night Songs.

Night Songs is out on 25 March on Sugarcoat Records