Watch/Review: Deers – Castigadas en el Granero

4 deers hi res ping pong 2w
Their fuzzed-up DIY garage-pop is the talk of every East London bar, and the NME is calling them Europe's most exciting new band. Madrid four-piece Deers are the spunky, hedonistic girl group every woman dreamed of being in back when they were a kid and 'girl power' was the mantra. Most bands who appear to explode on to the music blogosphere overnight actually turn out to have been touring and releasing tracks under the radar for years, but that isn't true for Deers. They say they uploaded two tracks on to Soundcloud one night and then started receiving emails, and it's totally clear why it happened so quickly when you listen to their songs. Their latest release, 'Castigadas en el Granero’, from the 7" limited-edition debut ‘Barn', is a scuzzy, sugarcoated, reverbed guitar spree. The lo-fi production and accompanying video all ooze a carefree, punk attitude. In typical Deers style, the video is deliberately DIY – get ready for Powerpoint-style editing complete with star-wipe transitions as the girls perform against a spray-painted backdrop. If you wanted to drown in the bubblegum surf of Alvvays, Best Coast and Splashh, a love affair with Deers is imminent. 
Barn is out on Lucky Number on 3 November
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