Watch / Review: Kormac feat. Irvine Welsh - Another Screen

Sarah Doyle
Cast aside the obvious ironies of a digital producer’s luddite cry being disseminated via YouTube on hundreds of blogs, and just relish this smart tribute to non-tech, to the joys of interaction and more humanising pursuits. Irvine Welsh guests on Dublin-based DJ Kormac’s latest release from the album ‘Doorsteps’, administering a softly spoken-word rebuke to time spent staring at the sort of medium you’re staring at right now. “Don’t Give Me Another Screen”, Welsh insists, “I Don’t Need An iPad To Make Me Dream” underneath an appropriately homely picked-string loop, slowly expanding by way of a cymbal-heavy drum swing and layers of horns and vintage samples. The video is in step with the sentiment too, as a pair of amiable protagonists find liberation in broken gear and back-to-nature. Obviously we’re not suggesting you smash up your computerised kit without any alternative means of accessing Lost In The Manor, but that doesn’t stop ‘Another Screen’ from being a witty, on-point reminder to live in the moment, a future-folk exaltation of all things flesh and blood.
Doorsteps is out now on Bodytonic Records
Words by Nick Mee: Follow @Nickjmee on Twitter