Listen / Review: Tied To The Mast – Humble Pie

tied ot the mast
Perhaps the finest under-the-radar rock outfit in the UK, Tied To The Mast furnish their multi-guitar attack and fervent rhythm section with a melodic versatility facilitated by a triumvirate of skilled singer-songwriters. The thrilling alt-rock results offer a taste of what may have happened had Henry Rollins left Black Flag to be replaced by Crosby, Stills and Nash (possibly without their mountainous egos and piles of coke to match, but who’s to say). The Sussex five-piece have a knack of turning out invigorating single-certs and ‘Humble Pie’ is their latest. Beyond a fragile, vaguely ominous intro, the song rumbles into gear with a game-changing guitar clang and tumbling toms, before the chorus surges in on a spirit-rousing rush of aural adrenaline. “Do You Remember The Taste Of Humble Pie?” is the question posed atop a wash of cleansing guitar euphonics. It’s a query that will be rattling around your skull for days, and, with much in the mix to hark to such pop-flecked razor-edged heavyweights as Husker Du or QOTSA, you’ll be glad of it, too. If ‘Humble Pie’ whets the appetite, then catch Tied To The Mast live at the single’s official launch party at The Finsbury, London, on Friday 24 October, where you’ll be truly sated.
Humble Pie is out on 27 October on Professor Records.
Tied To The Mast play at The Finsbury, London N4, on Friday 24 October, with Guitars Have Ghosts, Lunar Effect and Valves.
Words by Nick Mee: Follow @Nickjmee on Twitter