Interview: DMA's

Q&A by Holly Warren. @hollylikesmusic

DMA’s are the Aussie band on a brazen Britpop revival mission and if the attention they’ve garnered this past year is anything to go by, they will be the band to achieve that anglophilic indie dream. The trio, Tommy O'Dell, Johnny Took and Matt Mason, even had the honour of being publicly dissed by Noel Gallagher and if that’s not a sign that you’ve made it, we don’t know what is. In anticipation of their debut album, ‘Hills End’, we talked to singer Tommy.

The album sounds influenced by the Madchester and Britpop scenes, how were you introduced to all that and which bands most inspired you?

My dad and brother always had that kind of music playing growing up. I was most inspired by The Stone Roses, The La’s, Oasis and My Bloody Valentine. 

‘Hills End’ comes out on 26 February, which tracks are you most excited for people to hear?

‘Blown Away'. 

Your debut single ‘Delete’ [listen below] has clearly resonated with a lot of people, but there seems to be a bit of speculation as to what it’s about, some people think it’s about deleting someone on Facebook. Can you explain the inspiration behind the song?

It's a love song, a break-up song. It's about losing someone. 

You chose to record the album in Johnny’s bedroom, rather than a studio. A lot of emerging bands seem to be leaning towards a more DIY approach to music making. Why do you think this is? 

I think it's because it's not that hard to record yourself at home, unlike how it used to be. A bedroom recording setup can be sorted reasonably easily (and can sound really good). It's the mixing that requires more gear and a better ear. 

You’re on NME’s ‘Ones To Watch’ list, along with bands like Black Honey and Sheer Mag, but are there any new bands you love that you think we should watch out for?

I think artists like Shamir and Majical Cloudz are gonna have a big year.

DMA’s debut album, ‘Hills End’, is out on 26 February on Infectious

See DMA’s live

Sun 28 Feb: Stereo, Glasgow

Mon 29 Feb: The Cluny, Newcastle

Wed 2 Mar: Garage, London N5

Fri 4 Mar: Belgrave, Leeds

Sat 5 Mar: Ruby Lounge, Manchester