Watch/review: SULK – Black Infinity (Upside Down)

Words by Dein Moore @deingerous1

SULK return with ‘Black Infinity (Upside Down)’, a summery track to slake your musical appetite at the tail-end of winter, and its Britpop-meets-psychedelic influences will have you dusting off your tambourine to join in.

The music begins with a catchy guitar riff, drenched in psych sounds, that evolves into a subtle earworm when the rest of the band kick in. The warm vocals create a sunny atmosphere that got me craving for the festival season to begin again. All the sounds on ‘Black Infinity’ are well layered throughout, with just the right amount of change to make it non-repetitive. Its beautiful simplicity hooked me somewhere in the middle — much like being wrapped in new bed sheets, it takes a little while to get snug but once you are the feeling is glorious. Taken from SULK’s new album ‘No Illusions’, which is out on 15 April, ‘Black Infinity (Upside Down)’ is a warm beauty for a cold winter night.

No Illusions is out on 15 April on Perfect Sound Forever