Lost In Transmission 6

Our latest Lost In The Manor compilation kicks off with a double blast of cobweb-cleansing rock'n'roll – Darla And The Blonde (above) firstly laying down a lip-curlingly glam groove with single 'End Of The Party', out on 18 March, before Birmingham's The Castillians offer up their riotous garage rocker, squawking horns 'n all, 'Piggy In The Middle', released on PNKSLM on 12 February. Astronauts, aka Dan Carney, then smoothes out some of the rough edges with the propulsive dreamy kraut-folk of 'Civil Engineer', out 19 February, prior to the latest slice of adventurous electro from Brooklyn's Lieberson sisters, better known as TEEN, whose 'Tokyo' is taken from their new album 'Love Yes', released on 19 February. We close with South Londoner ZUU's staggeringly fat re-mash of 'Ain't No Sunshine' (featuring Johnny Voltik), a trail-blazing piece of heavy-bass hip-hop that is out on 29 January.