Watch/review: Electric Eye — Mercury Rise

Words by Matthew Doyle. @mmmmdoyle

Norwegian band Electric Eyearen't recreating the wheel with new song ‘Mercury Rise’, but who needs a new wheel when you've got one this fancy and shiny? The track crackles with life and not an avenue of sound is left undiscovered, especially in the rocketing solo that takes up a good chunk of its length.

The quartet’s latest taster from forthcoming second album ‘Different Sun’ showcases quintessential groove-psych-space-rock, harking back to classic Doors and reminiscent of great Hawkwind tracks like ‘Silver Machine’, while still feeling firmly in the space of 2016.

‘Mercury Rise’ compounds and improves on already loved genres, turning the heat up in a month that otherwise sees us shivering. Expect ‘Different Sun’ to keep those earwaves vibrating happily and ‘Mercury Rise’ to take you away on its psychedelic, tie-dyed spaceship.

Different Sun is out on Jansen Plateproduksjon on 5 February