Listen/review: Beach House – Elegy To The Void

Words by Tim Hakki @TimHakki

Beach House fans found themselves incredibly well endowed this year when the Baltimore duo released not one, but two albums in quick succession. This song is a deep cut from the second LP ‘Thank Your Lucky Stars’ and it’s certifiably Beach House at their very best. Atop the astral synths and buoyant beats sits a meditation on impermanence from Victoria Legrand. "Black clock looming distant" she coos, as the song drifts and arranges itself to brace a phenomenal feedback-saturated guitar solo from Alex Scally. Beach House’s critics may have previously implied that they’re getting formulaic, but this song is a swift curveball to the face of those naysayers. Rarely does the void produce something this beautiful. 

Thank Your Lucky Stars is out now on Sub Pop

Picture: Shawn Brackbill