Watch/review: King Korea – Zoo Generation

Words by Matthew Doyle. @mmmmdoyle

Here’s a history lesson.

“In a review about music, Matt? But why?” you may ask. Well, because King Sejong of 15th-century Korea invented the language that the Koreans call Hangul. “What’s your point and where’s the music, Matt?"

The new single by King Korea (theres my point, yeah!), ‘Zoo Generation’, while not inventing a new language, brings back one that hasn't been touched well for a while, or can only be touched by a certain midas few. ‘Zoo Generation’ is reminiscent of Kyuss and consequently, Queens of the Stone Age. The pounding riffs, Eagles of Death Metal-esque vocal delivery and the astoundingly thumping catchiness of the band feel like great influences from the desert scene. Surprising for a band with an Italian, Spanish and English background. Even though the name of the London trio probably has no relation to anything in Korea other that its alliteration, this is what my perception of a Korean man being rocky would sound like – at once hard and fast, yet soft and approachable. A sort of comedic hardness that you just can’t get enough of. 

I’m in Korea right now, and I can safely say, I wish I were back in London to see the launch of this single on 14th November. It will be heavy.

King Korea launch 'Zoo Generation' on Saturday 14 November, live at The Finsbury, London N4