Interview/Listen: Human In Bloom - Late Ol' Night

Hey guys, nice to meet you, how are things with the band and how long have you been together?

Things are really great thanks. We're in a good place creatively and playing together feels synergistic which makes every show exciting for us. We've known each other for nearly a couple of years, give or take, though had to take a v.long break to sort out visa issues for our Australian brother (singer) :). In some ways it feels like we've been together forever, at the same time it's fresh like we've only just begun.

The track you submitted to us 'Late Ol'Night' tell us about the writing process and what the songs about?

The initial ideas came from Arty (singer/principal songwriter) and the original demo had a distinct Eastern influence. We spent a lot of time messing around in the rehearsal studio to give it a harder edge while keeping an air of floaty dreaminess. And in a nutshell, the song deals with modern existential angst, freedom and alienation in a gloriously positive way...

Do you guys have any cool gigs coming up?

Absolutely. We're excited to be playing The Monarch, Camden on 14th September. The night is hosted by NME's Marc Beaumont. Marc's journalism is very entertaining - we're looking forward to playing for him and seeing the other bands. We will be releasing and giving away copies our debut EP at the same time so there are two good reasons not to miss it!

For folks hoping to gig in London or in the UK can you recommend any good spots or promoters to work with?

There are still lots of great venues in London. To name a few... the guys at The Good Ship are always friendly and up for a show. Your local The Finsbury is great for an attentive audience. We played The Sebright Arms too earlier this month - and that too was great fun.

What's next for Human in Bloom?

We're about to release our EP which comes out September 14th. There's a music video for title track Late Ol' Night which we're really proud of, shot by Emanuele Klemp. The guy is a true artist and has done a fantastic job. There's a sneak peak of the video at We're also putting the finishing touches to some songs which will form our debut album, which we're hoping to put out early 2017.