Live review: Slow Club at Paper Dress Vintage

Words by Giedre Zaveckaite

Slow Club recently held a four-week residency at Paper Dress Vintage and I believe (I don’t like lying) all the shows were sold out. The one I attended, on 13 April, certainly was, at least. And anyone who has been to Paper Dress Vintage will know that means everyone was packed tight, compact and hellishly sweaty. But it was worth every clammy drop.

Rebecca Taylor and Charles Watson, the duo who make up Slow Club, were performing stripped-down versions of their songs to suit the venue – I doubt a full band would have fitted on stage. To start with I was quite pessimistic (this might have been due to my terrible hangover) but from the first song I was mesmerised. The first half of the set consisted of tracks from the band's upcoming album, out later this summer, and although none of the songs were known to the audience, they somehow felt familiar. ‘Rebecca Casanova’ is one track I’m looking forward to hearing more of once it’s out. On repeat, I expect. ‘Championship’, too, which, according to Rebecca is about how much she congratulates herself for getting out of bed. Cheers – a song to that was always needed. After all the tunes from the new album, the beloved classics made their way in. During my absolute favourite, ‘Tears of Joy’ [listen below], everyone in the room – and I really do mean everyone – joined in on the chorus, a totally uplifting moment.

Slow Club were nothing short of awesome; their long set in the hottest room in East London did not leave anyone unmoved and their witty banter and stories made everyone feel like their friends, at least for that night. Next time I see them I’ll bring everyone I know.