Watch/review: Thylacine – Train

Words by Nick Mee. @Nickjmee

The satisfying subliminal connection between music and (loco)motion lies partly in the shared thrill of escape, of journeying into the other as the beats and notes evolve or the landscape scrolls past. French producer William Rezé, aka Thylacine, makes this link quite specific on single ‘Train’, a number that locks right into a carriage’s rhythmic pulse, incorporating the steely clatter of wheel on rail into the tune’s naturally progressive oscillation, which is weighted with a hefty, housey kick and sustained keyboard chord changes that announce your next destination as Ambient Trance. The spliced-footage promo, too, is a literal artwork, like a trippy montage of the best journeys you’ve ever had, including those occurring in your dreams. Part of a work actually written on a voyage along the Trans-Siberian Railway, ‘Train’ could not be further removed from your standing-room-only Govia Thameslink service.

Thylacine’s debut album, Transsiberian, is out on 27 May on Intuitive