Watch/Review: Outer Spaces – I Saw You

Words by Nick Mee. @Nickjmee

Baltimore trio Outer Spaces touch down with a nonchalant sparkler that gives off a wide-open, freewheeling vibe and breezy harmonics. ‘I Saw You’ is fairly pared-back stuff: the beat sparse, the electric piano set just ’neath the sweetly gritty guitar pickery, while the bulk of frontwoman Cara Beth Satalino’s uplifting chorus is built around little more than the three words of the title. But this minimalist approach only maximises the trio’s melodic efficiency, allowing Satalino’s meandering vocal to shine from the verses, resulting in one gorgeous slice of lo-fi folkish indie. The video works as accessory, too, its shots of man-made landscapes – like Gursky photos in motion – and geometric close-ups seem as natural to the tune as a springtime hailstorm is to these shores. 

Outer Spaces’ debut LP A Shedding Snake is out on 27 May on Don Giovanni