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"I'm not just not playing enough grunge, lovely stuff" Ruth Barnes, Amazing Radio / BBC

"Its the kind of life-affirming soundtrack choice for an unforgettable road trip" Fame Magazine

"More glam power-pop than punk – this bottle-blond number is fun and fizzy – without the distraction of grit-in-the-eye aggro or over-spun political fury" Raw Ramp

"Their tunes are effervescent spitfires of catchy punk" The Street Gypsies

About Waltzer
The brainchild of singer-guitarist Alison Dear, Waltzer are a north London-based outfit, completed by Vicky on drums and Allan on bass, whose passionate punky offerings have a radio-friendly sheen. Alison cites the band’s main influences as Smashing Pumpkins and Michael Jackson, or Nirvana versus Bananarama (Nirvanarama? Bananirvana? Your call). Evoking the raucousness of The Runaways, the dynamism of Ash and the slick songcraft of Garbage, here is a hard rocking bunch who have a penchant for perfect pop; radio-friendly tunesmiths who, live, whip up a rapturous storm. Waltzer’s broad appeal has already earned them a burgeoning fan base, support slots ranging from Alt-J to Finlay Quaye, and the general consensus that their aspirations should be limitless.