Marlon Brando Island

“As debuts go this is bloody smashing... one that lifts the band onto a new platform”
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“A curious alt-post-punk-pop hybrid… with an experimental edge”  Little Indie Blogs
"Heart-racing, anthemic number that will get you out of your seat" The Revue


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“Epic, widescreen indie” Clash
“Funereal and thoughtful lyrics echo early Arcade Fire, but there's an undeniable pop sensibility to their music, with catchy choruses adding a lacquered sheen to their harmonies. Impressive”  The Telegraph
"Escapists prove there's still a place for intelligent guitar-driven indie pop music"  The 405

Premieres: We Close Tonight; Clash; GlamGlare

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Silver Rose

“If you’re looking for a soundtrack to your next love affair, here it is” Indie Hoy

“Take Me Home - a song that takes us to new sound dimensions” Indie Rocks

Premiere: Clash

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Quiet Quiet Band

“The five piece have an intensity that can't quite be shrugged off” Clash
“Wonderful soundscapes of alternative country, folk and good old rock’n’roll” Louder Than War

Premieres: Gigslutz; Clash; We Close Tonight

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Brothers Rasputin

Elegantly experimental surf soul, saturated with luxury. Like a psychedelic Bee Gees”  Raw Ramp
Supreme” Louder Than War 
More than a band you hear, Brothers Rasputin are a band you experience” Right Chord Music

Premieres: Louder Than War; Glam Glare

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Martha Bean

"Folk-tinged sounds merge perfectly with the season... rapidly becoming our autumnal soundtrack" Clash
"Heady blend of light and airy mingled with more than a touch of mystery" God is in the TV
"The wonderful intricate guitar-work helps to envelope the honey-warm vocal" Raw Ramp

Premieres: Clash

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Amber Leaves

We come from diverse musical backgrounds – glitch hop to drum’n’bass, soul and jazz to punk and Britpop – what gels us is that writing music feels more like a necessity than a choice. It’s what gets us off.Chesney Jefferson

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