Watch / Review: Emperor Yes - Paramesse To Tannis

emperor yes
Driven by unrelenting synth lines and soaring vocals, Emperor Yes are truly a band who will take you to another place very far from reality, and you’ll find it tough not to dance around your bedroom alone while this is playing. Picture this: Passion Pit actually developed a more danceable groove, took a gram of mushrooms, and shot off into outer space.
From the album ‘An Island Called Earth’, single ’Paramesse to Tannis’ displays the band’s strengths well – mind-altering synth arpeggios, addictive indie-rock drumming, otherworldly lyrics and reverb-soaked vocals. Emperor Yes do a stellar job of incorporating elements of other genres, so we’re not left with a bland pile of synth-pop mashed potatoes. In the hook/chorus alone, we hear little flavours of The Flaming Lips, MGMT, Phoenix, and plenty more. The inclusion of these other influences is the keystone that will mark Emperor Yes as unique, and help them build a crossover fan base. And then there’s the rest of the album…
For fans of: MGMT, Passion Pit, The Flaming Lips, Phoenix
Emperor Yes are playing the following London dates: Nov 1st St Pancras Old Church; Nov 11th The Old Blue Last; Dec 11th The Finsbury
‘An Island Called Earth’ is out now on Alcopop! Records
Words by Mike Guerard: Follow @Mike_Guerard on Twitter