The Happy Hollows

The Happy Hollows



“Sounds like Stevie Nicks getting heavy into Kate Bush… this is pop, sure, but pop with plenty of secrets at work within each song” LA Times

“[Sarah Negahdari is] an obvious talent… let her hog the spotlight she so clearly deserves” Pitchfork

“Instantly catchy shimmering pop hooks are just what you need to get the weekend rolling” Nylon

About Happy Hollows
An everyday trip to the mall for student, bass player and new-man-in-LA Charles Mahoney proved serendipitous – and fortuitous for Californian music fans – when he came across free-spirited guitarist Sarah Negahdari reading tarot cards to pay the bills. Before long, the two would be touring the region, clocking up supports to the likes of Japandroids, Silversun Pickups and Deerhoof, and composing the hook-laden power-pop that would sparkle across two full-length albums – ‘Spells’ (2010) and ‘Amethyst’ (2013). As the band’s lineup was embellished by guitarist Matthew Fry and Mahoney’s experimentation with synthesisers, Happy Hollows soundtracked a US-wide mobile-phone commercial for Samsung and featured in a guest appearance on NBC TV’s Parenthood.

Live, Happy Hollows’ melodic, high-energy alt.pop, which has drawn comparisons to Blondie, Kate Bush and Yeah Yeah Yeahs, is topped off by the eye-catching, super-energetic performances of frontwoman Negahdari, a bona fide star on stage with a powerhouse vocal range to match. Their latest set of releases, commencing with ‘Astrid’, is sure to cement Happy Hollows’ universal appeal well beyond the borders of the Golden State.