Les Bonbons


Press: Chris@lostinthemanor.co.uk, Nick@lostinthemanor.co.uk

"A beauteous future classic” - Artrocker

"Masterful work of genuine musical art" - We Close Tonight

“Marvellous, relaxed, melancholic, richly textured” - Supajam

"Incroyable - 9/10" - Louder Than War

"If it was possible to have sex with an album, this is the record that I’d be getting down with - 4/5" - Gigslutz

About Les Bonbons
A cross-channel ensemble of virtuoso troubadours, Les Bonbons perform vagabond pop that resonates with a shimmering wall of sound, pumped up with strings, brass and a choir of charismatic song. Their tunes stagger and swagger the streets of old London town, supported by the murmured bon mots, sometimes sung, sometimes whispered, of vocalist Fred. Meanwhile, guitarist Billy jives like Django, sometimes with a rock’n’roll swing, sometimes with a campside flourish. Like a Franglais mash-up of The Divine Comedy or a Gallic Jarvis Cocker at a gypsy jazz bacchanal, Les Bonbons are an enthralling and intense proposition. Magnifique, mes amis, magnifique.