Introducing: Bird

bird Singer songwriter Adele Emmas and guitarist Sian Williams met in late 2000 and, over their mutual love for artists such as Leonard Cohen, Kate Bush and The Cocteau Twins a decision was made to found the band Bird. The quartet is completed with drummer Alexis Samta and Mike Bennet at the keyboards.

The band signed with Jack to Phono Records and launched their first EP ‘Shadows’ in 2012. Their second, ‘Ophelia’, was released in February and they're working on their first full length album.

Bird have gained a strong and solid fan-base as well as praise from eminent voices of the music industry. Winning ingredients of their project are Adele's hypnotic voice, dreamlike lyrics and melodies that will capture your heart with their fusion of tribal, folk and classic beat.

Their songs manage to create an atmosphere like a Grimm's tale. You think you're reading an innocent and innocuous bedtime story but a moment later you're shifted in a thick and dark wood. You excitedly feel lost and attracted by the danger hidden in the dark.