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'Emotionally charged, and teeming with raw energy, ‘Lifeline’ is a no-holds-barred dose of rock n roll' Gigslutz

Seamlessly blending alt, classic and art rock, London-based five-piece TALMA command a magnetic presence that’s more than primed to scale from the ferocious intensity of the UK’s underground scene to the electric atmosphere of arenas worldwide. TALMA’s raw and unshackled live performances are where they truly run riot. They’ve supported the likes of Queen’s Spike Edney and received acclaim for their intense energy and all-out charisma from London all the way to LA, where they found a fan in industry commentator and author Ari Herstand. Wielding only a microphone, singer Henry Adams captivates attention with a bravado and charm that’s rarely seen among many frontmen. The telepathic tightness and ferocity of guitarists Jack Rennie and James Creed, bassist Pete Warren and drummer Jonny Harrison make TALMA a force to be reckoned with. Where the band draw direct inspiration from the likes of The Smiths, The War On Drugs and The National, they incisively employ a musical diversity and agility comparable to the likes Radiohead and Wolf Alice. The result is a band who operate without creative constraints and who are more than ready to help shape the next wave of British guitar music.

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