Quiet Quiet Band

Quiet Quiet Band

Press: chris@lostinthemanor.co.uk

“The five piece have an intensity that can't quite be shrugged off” Clash
“Wonderful soundscapes of alternative country, folk and good old rock’n’roll” Louder Than War

Premieres: Gigslutz; Clash; We Close Tonight

About Quiet Quiet Band
Singing songs of love, death and Tony Robinson, Quiet Quiet Band are the rotting fruits in nu-folk’s verdant pastures. Extrovert practitioners of hillbilly hoedowns, sociopathic shanties and warped waltzes, QQB’s sometimes macabre, sometimes poignant ditties are further animated by a vociferous lyrical delivery, as they channel themes of love, desire, violence and death into wild, witty and wonderfully melodic tunes. “Our songs often evoke fictional characters who are reflecting on their own flaws, regrets, losses and mistakes,” says lead vocalist Tom Purcell. Also comprising Paul Smith (guitar/vocals), Scott Painter (bass), Jon Hare-Winton (drums) and Devon Gillespie (viola), QQB are renowned for their blistering live sets, the ferocity of which was first captured on 2015’s long-player ‘Low Noon’ to all-round praise. Now, a new EP, recorded by Sam Wheat at RekRoom Studios, seems to represent a subtle shift with a more composed, controlled collection. But you don’t need to scratch the surface too hard to know that Quiet Quiet Band still have that wicked glint in their eyes and a shindig in their souls.

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