Kitty Finer

Kitty Finer,

"If you want to know what a 1960’s girl-band should sound like now… Seek no further…" Raw Ramp

About Kitty Finer
It seems extraordinary given her haunting vocal and charismatic presence but Kitty Finer’s musical career began at the back of the stage, on drums. She first served as stickswoman in anarcho-artist Aaron Williamson’s Clippity Clop, which also featured The Nips’ Shanne Bradley. A subsequent musical get-together with her sister Ella and father Jem Finer led to the formation of The Good, The Bad And The Ugly for a one-off show that turned into a full summer tour due to popular demand. A slot at the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan was their final appearance – well, there’s nothing like going out on a high. It was after this adventure that Kitty decided to try her hand as band leader, making her solo debut supporting Mick Jones and Tony James’ Carbon Silicon at the former Clash man’s club under the Westway. She hasn’t looked over her shoulder since. Although primarily having always been in bands with boys and men, Kitty draws many of her influences from female musicians, from wall-of-sound women The Ronettes to punk rockers The Raincoats, one of the cross-generational girl groups (another being Hinds) to have declared their enthusiasm for Kitty’s art. As adept at delivering bright, feelgood pop melodies as she is edgy DIY garage-rock, Kitty Finer is spending much of summer 2015 in the studio, piecing together a debut album that is sure to prove one of the year’s more distinctive, head-turning collections.