The Big Five: Brutalligators / Parts / Limpet Space Race / Frightful Ocean / Alex Bayly

The Big Five: the following tracks are a selection of those submitted through Musosoup that deserve your close attention! 

Words by Chris Sharpe

Discovered via Musosoup

Brutalligators – Kill Your Heroes
Baldock, UK

The band set out to blast your eardrums and then sweep you back with a melodic finish. As you can tell by the lyrics they are upset – and rightfully so! 

Parts – False Dreams
Tel Aviv, Israel

Frontman Bar Hasa tells of dealing with insomnia, wrapping the subject in wonderful intelligent musicianship.

Limpet Space Race –- Cartograffiti
Oxford, UK

Experimental electropop at it's best, delicately set with a stunning vocal and video to match.

Frightful Ocean – Little Wave
London, UK

Alex Story of Rebel Kites launches his debut solo project with a cinematic whirlwind in 'Little Wave’.

Alex Bayly – Ley Lines
London, UK

This beauty has a slick indie dream-pop vibe.  Bayly touches on the feelings of paranoia and sleep deprivation while still managing to make it sound like a ray of sunshine.