Listen/review: Cavern Of Anti-Matter – Melody In High Feedback Tones

Words by Nick Mee. @Nickjmee

The band and track names initially drew the attention here. Cavern Of Anti-Matter is a moniker that’s beguilingly nerdish and vaguely menacing at once, while ‘Melody In High Feedback Tones’ sounds like the title of a test-pressing from a 1980s hi-fi show. As well, then, that musically, ‘Melody In High Feedback Tones’ could happily pass for a test-pressing from a 1980s hi-fi show. Mike Oldfield-like arpeggios, twinkle-grit synths and motorik drumming is set to a wistful progression that delivers in spades before dipping out ungracefully in a clunky electro-funk finale. It shouldn’t be a massive surprise to learn that Cavern Of Anti-Matter is the brainchild of Stereolab’s Tim Gane and Joe Dilworth, alongside synth-man Holger Zapf, who are pictured, in negative, clustered around a massive pair of loudspeakers for the press shot. We’re guessing it was taken at a 1980s hi-fi show…

Cavern Of Anti-Matter’s debut album, void beats / invocation trex, is out on 19 February on Duophonic records