Watch/review: Guadalupe Plata – Calle 24

Words by Nick Mee. @Nickjmee

Listen to this slice of sketchy Latino rockabilly and you’ll probably picture a Tarantino movie, but watch the can’t-take-your-eyes-off-it promo and your thoughts will turn to Terry Gilliam. Monty Python crossed with Hitchcock perhaps, as our heroic hombres from the dusty streets of small-town Andalusia encounter a sinister spinster and her demonic cat in a little ol’ house on the prairie. The plot of the lo-fi promo zips along surreally at an urgent pace, all matching the fuzz-toned garage-blues rumble of ‘Calle 24’ itself, a tune that hovers between the Soledad Brothers, Dick Dale and The Cramps. Guadalupe Plata recorded their new self-titled album at Liam Watson’s famed analogue-faithful Toe Rag Studios and it will be the first the Spanish trio have released in the UK, or outside Spain and Latin America come to that. This taster suggests that Britain should brace itself for a weird and wild Hispanic spin on the devil’s best tunes. Vámonos…  

Guadalupe Plata is out on 8 January 2016 on Everlasting Records

See Gualalupe Plata live

Tuesday 1 December: The Shacklewell Arms, London E8