Interview: Mirror Shot - Crutch

Mirror Shot’s brand of indie rock has already found them making strides by being played on BBC Introducing and Amazing Radio. Their single ‘Crutch’ is the brainchild of a recorder-wielding spirit ‘Bertha’ (we’ll get to that…) and is a tender ballad of an anthem. I caught up with the band and here’s what they had to say:

Words by Lewis Abbott

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Lewis) Tell me about ‘Crutch’.

 Mirror Shot) In these divided times, what we truly need are more songs that bring us together. So, here's 'Crutch', our sappy debut single about gay marriage and graveyards, out now, on cassettes and all good streaming platforms. It even has a B-side, like they used to in olden times.

 What inspired you to write it?

 We had one of our weekly whiteboard brainstorm meetings at the Mirror Shot office and decided that no one out there is combining classic-rock riffage with bedwetter vocals. To ensure we met with success in this untapped market, we resolved to make a song with no chorus whatsoever.

 So how do you go about writing?

 We all stand around a Ouija board, and a spirit named Bertha communicates each individual instrument's part, which we then transcribe and reproduce in practice. It's quite tricky actually because Bertha can only really play recorder. That’s certainly a headache for the drum parts.

 What is your greatest career achievement?

 Being played on BBC Introducing London – our straight-outta-1986 production sounded nice and quiet next to all those loud newcomers. Also, of course, headlining the Finsbury on the 26 September for Lost in the Manor.

 If you could curate a festival, who would the three headliners be?

 Ourselves, three times – we could do with the exposure.

 Who else are you listening to right now?

 Shout out to our Glaswegian buds Memes: