The vibes of March: Revolvers, Indigo, S.O.S, Toothpaste, Close Counters

Words by Emily Thomas: @Emily_T_1260

The vibes of March
Emily Thomas highlights five new essential listens by Revolvers, Indigo, S.O.S, Toothpaste and Close Counters, all discovered via

Revolvers – ‘True Love’
‘True Love’ is a bright, infectious number which somehow manages to capture the original sounds of Noughties indie (The Cribs, The Strokes) with a strong Seventies rock influence straight from the band’s parents’ CDs collection. It is a song that sums up the invincibility of youth and makes you long for long, hot summer nights. With one EP already under their belt, Revolvers’ sound has already started to evolve. I look forward to seeing where they’ll go next.

 Indigo – ‘Distant Lullaby’
‘Distant Lullaby’ is a truly unique number. The track starts off more barbershop quartet than alt-rock yet it manages to make a smooth transition into the jangle pop of a bygone era – think REM or The Smiths at their peppiest. The song is the first of Indigo’s tracks to be released and hopefully they will continue to make the sounds of the past relevant to a new generation.

 S.O.S – ‘Firebrick’
Written and co-produced by the artist (Sophie DeBattista), ‘Firebrick’ is a masterclass of lush synthpop, beautifully detailing the effects and the strength gained from failed relationships. It is an emotional track with slick RnB production and vulnerability in every line. S.O.S could easily join the next generation of pop artists such as Billie Eilish or Clario.


Toothpaste – ‘Outside Panucci’s’
A song like no other, at least, I know of no other that’s been created by collating the most melancholic lines from episodes of Futurama. Yet it never seems like a gimmick. It retains a sense of honesty and originality through its piercing synths, soft vocals and wailing guitars. It is one you need to hear to believe.

 Close Counters – ‘Tip Of My Tongue’
Have you ever tried to dance through heartache? If so this multi-layered disco number is for you. From its electric start to its acoustic end, the song journeys to the most unexpected places. The honesty of the lyrics helps to ensure that the heart and emotion of the track are never lost within its groovy production.


Words by Emily Thomas: @Emily_T_1260