Live Review: Baby Strange present ‘In The Flesh’, SWG3, Glasgow

Christmas, above all else, is a time of coming together  – and then finding any reason to go out. So, to celebrate the season, one of Scotland’s finest talents, Baby Strange (below), hosted seven hours of live music and carnage. 


The festivities commenced with the fury and excitement of newcomers The Vanities. Louder and packing more punch than expected during a mid-afternoon set, the punk outfit powered through their set-list, which consisted of snappy tales of modern Glasgow, adding freshness to a traditional formula. The infectious melody and tight harmonies made ‘She’s Shambolic’ a song to remember.

Following similar themes were Voodoos, a punk band with a heavy dose of Gallagher swagger. Their confident yet concentrated rhythm section allowed for vocals and guitars to soar throughout the space. With their remarkable charisma and control over the crowd, Voodoos have the potential and drive to be a headline act one day.

Upstairs it was time for Rascalton, a beloved band on the Glasgow punk scene. On a high from their sold-out St Luke’s show the previous week, Rascalton were ready to make it a night to remember. Their energy proved to be contagious and set the crowd alight. By the time fan favourite ‘Police’ came on it was hard to see where the mosh pits ended or find a person not having a good time.

Closing upstairs with something a little different were Neon Waltz. Boasting euphoric indie anthems and a crowd of fans yelling requests, they were always going to be a highlight of the night. From the first strum of a guitar, frontman Jordan Sherer entered his own world, making the band captivating to watch. They showcased their more personal side with new single ‘The Stranger Things’, which was already a hit with the crowd. Finishing their last show of the year in style with heavy hitter ‘Dreamers’, Neon Waltz showed why 2019 could be their year. 

Warpaint-clad and ready to go were The Blinders. Their two drummers resulted in the beat feeling like a never-ending battle cry. Their aggression and fury set the crowd into a violent frenzy. They darkened the mood and upped the ante before stepping on stage by playing Gene Wilder’s ‘World of Pure Imagination’ quickly followed by political poetry. Chaos ensued from the start with ‘Gotta Get Thru’. It was loud, bold and brilliant. The Blinders create a live experience that is not to be missed.

To end off a spectacular night it was time for headliners and organisers Baby Strange. Following The Blinders is not an easy task yet, after a break from live shows, the kings of Glasgow were back. They returned with great new material including ‘Rat Race’, which had the crowd bouncing. Throughout their setlist of gems, there was the mighty ‘Motormind’ and the irresistible dreaminess of ‘California Sun’. When they closed the night with a bang with ‘Pleasure City’, the crowd were uncontrollable, showing it would not only be Baby Strange’s performance to remember, but the whole night.

Words by Emily Thomas: @Emily_T_1260