Listen/review: Dessert - Back Around, Devil

Words by Tim Hakki @TimHakki

It’s been a while since there’s been a genuine bona fide overnight sensation. Enter Los Angeles noise pop trio Dessert. A five and a half minute song comprised of many musical ‘acts’, ‘Devil / Back Around’ is pop experimentation at it’s wildest, moving through a variety of genres that don’t traditionally feel cohesive: trippy electro, dream pop, dubstep and even Joanna Newsom style folk harp all get a turn. Even with just a single song to their name, Dessert can only be described as geniuses of the highest order. The accompanying video shows american sumo wrestler Emmanuel Yarborough quite viscerally unravelling as he tries to break free from his own intestines. It’s a sad document now, with Yarborough having passed away late last year. Both video and song are a testament to Dessert’s rivetingly ambitious artistry.