Watch: The Ghost Wolves – Baby Fang Thang

The Ghost Wolves The Ghost Wolves are doing it right – simplicity is key. While other garage-rock bands muddle their already lo-fi sound with excessive instrumentation, keys and overdubs, The Ghost Wolves are about at stripped-down as it gets. This two-piece feature tasty blues-rock licks and tight drum tracks, à la ‘Icky Thump’-era White Stripes. The kicker: female lead vocals and guitars from Carley Wolf. We’ve entered Bizarro World, folks.

‘Baby Fang Thang’ features catchy sing-song vocals, along with some tough and fuzzy stomp grooves. Carley rips a short bridge solo, showcasing some serious axe chops in the style of Jack White. Jonathan Wolf channels his inner John Bonham, beating the skins with some distinctly Bonham-esque patterns. This is most prominent during the outro, where the duo delve into a Led Zeppelin-fuelled coda, even featuring some psych-rock influenced vocals. Taken from the band’s debut album, ‘Man, Woman, Beast’, this is a killer track for anyone after simple, hard-hitting rock music.

For fans of: The White Stripes, Hanni El Khatib, Led Zeppelin

‘Man, Woman, Beast’ is out now on Plowboy Records

Words Mike Guerard: Follow Mike_Guerard on Twitter