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Folie Ordinaire
Folie Ordinaire’s funky assemblage of edgy live electro and choppy house has had audiences throwing shapes at such major festivals as Standon Calling, Lovebox and Secret Garden Party, as well as a series of vital gigs throughout the UK and France. With an abundance of memorable poppy melodies married to joyous grooves, and flashes of rootsy rock and soul thrown into the hedonistic whole, Folie Ordinaire are a life affirming, aural celebration of sensuality. The band’s pan-national line-up is indicative of the cultural mash-up of England’s capital, yet, as any Folie fan knows, it’s not where you’re from, it’s where the party’s at.

"Winner of the emerging talent contest" Standon Calling main stage

"Quirky, crazed disco-punk band Folie Ordinaire brought hip-thrusting sexual rebellion to the party" LOVEBOX

"Fresh, exciting future punk disco, Folie Ordinaire astounded us" Rollright Fayre

"Far out drivin' disco destruction!" Artful Badger/Secret Garden Party

"New wave disco anyone? With influences ranging from Chic to 80s era David Bowie and more recently LCD Soundsystem to Scissor Sisters, London six piece Folie Ordinaire are clearly plugged into the good shit" The Hearing Aid

"Chez Folie" an aural celebration of sensuality" Fame magazine

"There is nothing ordinary about this six piece, their music is pure auditory enjoyment. Chez Folie is a tuneful foray of shivering modern day art" Vanscene

"Funky with a capital F. The London six-piece ooze dancefloor delirium" When the gramophone rings!/folieordinaire_