Listen/review: Iska Dhaaf – Invisible Cities

Words by Nick Mee. @Nickjmee

Melding sequenced electro-rock production and gritty post-punk beats, ‘Invisible Cities’ baits its hooks with a surf-guitar twang and a supercool vocal pattern at a reverb setting presumably called Cavernous Aircraft Hangar. This comprehensive genre clash is the work of Seattle-bred duo Iska Dhaaf, sonic pioneers whose first release from their upcoming album The Wanting Creature finds vocalist Nathan Quiroga “deconstructing the city around him, simultaneously discovering… a metropolis within the mind”. Well, y’know, we’ve all done it, but if only we could all fit our mental meanderings to a soundtrack that oozes as much energy as this one during its four minutes of running time; a song wedged, curiously, between samples of cacophonous schoolchildren.

The Wanting Creature is out on 27 May on Brick Lane Records