Watch/Review: Jacco Gardner – Find Yourself

Exploratory producer and multi-instrumentalist Jacco Gardner throws the psychedelic smorgasbord at this melodic release that, for all its oil-projector embellishments, never forgets it is a pop song. Listen for shadowy chords, flanged vocals, lightly distorted bass and a Technicolor guitar refrain backed by a keyboard of an indecipherable source, all set to a lilting rhythm that sways with the studied concentration of a stoner picking his way home from a cornershop supply run. A swirl of trance-rock to lose yourself in, ‘Find Yourself’ doesn’t treat the protagonist of its accompanying video too kindly, however. Blowing hard while cruising down forested roads, he happens upon a splendid orange Ford Capri. Presumably thinking the driver is a (former) Top Gear presenter, he empties his gun into the smoke-filled car; but it’s not the long-faced speedophile who tumbles out, instead an unpleasant surprise. A quizzical visual anecdote to complement the tie-dye timbre of the track, ‘Find Yourself’ is a colourful lure to the Dutchman’s new album ‘Hypnophobia’, inspired by his travels to “places I’d never seen before or didn’t even know existed”: a far-out soundtrack to faraway climes.

Hypnophobia is out on 4 May on Full Time Hobby records
Words by Nick Mee. Follow @Nickjmee on Twitter