Watch/Listen/Review: Saint Agnes – A Beautiful Day For Murder/Where The Lightning Strikes 

The first glimpse that Saint Agnes let you have of their world is silver-screened, amatory and undeniably cinematic. The band's second single, ‘A Beautiful Day for Murder’, will leave you numb yet euphoric, a formula that some bands take a career to find. The single could be the perfect berceuse to a Tarantino film or Bond epic, melded by the chemistry between songwriters Jon Tufnell and Kitty Austen, who clearly have a magnetism that would leave Sonny & Cher green with envy. The brooding and sultry aura of 'A Beautiful Day For Murder' enchants you into a dreamlike state, as if you've just been anaesthetised in the dentist cart from Django Unchained. Bewitching and seductive, Saint Agnes have produced the perfect chimera for blues-rock and pysch fans alike. Kitty exudes the chic and 'hang you from the heavens' heel-on-your-throat delivery of Alison Mosshart (The Kills, The Dead Weather) on B-side 'Where The Lightning Strikes' (watch below). It’s invigorating and inspirational enough to have been the soundtrack to Nikola Tesla's working day – embedded with a hammer and tongs riff that The Jim Jones Revue or early BRMC would be proud of. Saint Agnes will undoubtedly enrapture listeners to the extent that they’ll want a repeat prescription for 2015.
A Beautiful Day For Murder is out now on Energy Snake Records
Words By Ali Whaite: Follow @Alister_88 on Twitter