Watch / Review: She Crazy - Zombacalypse Now

she crazy
Disorderly, frenetic and bone rattling, She Crazy are a cacophony of the best beer-in-the-air songs and ‘did I do that last night?’ moments that any band could wish for. Like being strapped in the dentist chair with Howlin’ Pelle Almqvist from The Hives controlling your valium intake, the first single from the debut She Crazy EP is everything you wanted from the band and more. ‘Zompocalypyse Now’ has all the caustic and abrasive grit that Death From Above 1979 pride themselves on, elevated by the sort of killer chorus Rival Schools would bite your hand off for. It’s undoubtedly infectious and backed with one of the best videos I've seen this year. You can easily picture She Crazy leaving the Festival Republic tent at Reading next summer, with sweat dripping from the rafters and Tuborg soaking the crowd’s hair. So if you’re thinking of staying in and watching The Walking Dead in your pants or taking on the world with 28 Days Later tonight, you might be better off heading down The Hope in Brighton for the best Halloween party around. Advance warning, though, there's a risk you’ll wake up feeling a little bit hairy in the morning.
Zombacalypse Now is out now
See She Crazy Live: Fri Oct 31 – The Hope, Brighton Fri Nov 7– The Garage, Islington
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