Listen/Review: Slug – Greasy Mind

The brainchild of Field Music bassman Ian Black, with the aid of some hands-on engineering skills from his Sunderland bandmates, Slug’s debut album has just hit the shops courtesy of Memphis Industries. This excerpt, ‘Greasy Mind’, is a clean-lined slab of off-kilter anglo-funk that, while notable for its lyrical content – “You’ve got a Greasy Mind/Pulling Wings off Flies” – truly delivers from the desk, thanks to its punchy percussiveness and inventive electro-sonics, most satisfyingly on the absurd guitar solo that veers from Steve Vai-esque fret-frotting to Rhubarb and Custard theme-tune squelch. It’s this playful experimentation that elevates ‘Greasy Mind’ and bodes well for the LP, ‘Ripe’.

Ripe is out now on Memphis Industries
Words by Nick Mee. Follow @Nickjmee on Twitter