‘Remarkable, and very beautiful’ Danny Fields
‘If you’re a fan of Radiohead and John Fante, you’ll love BrudiniThe George Tavern
‘Not many artists out there do things quite like Brudini Music Musings and Such
‘A real and considered piece of artistry’ Lost in the Manor Magazine

About Brudini

A unique voice emerging from Soho’s bohemian arts scene, Brudini spent his upbringing in Norway before uprooting himself to settle in London after a nomadic period absorbing the swarming metropolises of Tokyo and Paris. A regular fixture in Soho’s Society Club, Brudini has attracted praise from NYC punk manager legend Danny Fields (The Stooges, MC5, The Ramones) for his erudite approach to music and lyricism. He has also collaborated with Lulu Gainsbourg (son of the famous French legend) and Californian writer Chip Martin. A product of both literary modernism and rock and roll, Brudini’s music evokes a wealth of artists and mediums. From Jim Morrison and the chansons moderne of Jacques Brel, to the avant-garde driving beats of Krautrock via the writings of Hamsun, Fante and Sartre, he comes off like a new-age lounge crooner in some smoky existential dream parlour. Wielding a live show that’s psychedelic to the point of being a total sensory experience, Brudini can always be found in that cosmic last chance saloon, uniting wayfarers and music lovers across the void through his cinematic plainsong. 

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