‘Somewhere between Caribou, Tame Impala and Sufjan Stevens.’ Highclouds
‘Layered vocals dripping in melancholy and some rather captivating nocturnal production’ Pressplayok
'KYLYPSO have solidified their place amongst all that is great and good about pop music.' Wonderland Magazine

Premieres: Wonderland Magazine, CLASH

East London’s Kylypso emerged last year with their debut single ‘Mean 2 U’, which was a sure-footed statement of intent, combining a slick electronic production edge with vibrant lysergic pop songwriting. Now, making waves with additions like ‘Blame Love’ and new single ‘Skies Are’, Kylypso have arrived fully formed. Central to their output is a sheer, unabashed love of sweet melody. With a vitality to their sound that anyone can get behind, Kylypso are emerging as an undeniable and peerless new sound in the capital. Their new EP opens doors to an eclectic realised sound, the perfect soundtrack to a rainy summer. 

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