Lost In Transmission 7

It’s fair to say our latest line-up of new sounds starts on a mellow tip and gets steadily more pumped as it progresses. The opening slice of solar electro comes courtesy of Lisbon Kid, a Soho-based duo recently signed to Ministry of Sound and who released the lovely melodic chiller ‘Sunburst’ at the end of Feb. Bxentric’s ‘Patch Valley’, also out now on limited 12”, carries on the synth pulse but is of a heavier and more ominous mood. The music continues with the bullishly unsettling new wave of ‘Where Is My Line’ by Leipzig-based trio White Wine, whose debut album, ‘Who Cares What The Laser Says’ is out on 25 March, before Mangoseed (above) mash it all up with a distinctly floor-filling vibe. Their urban-skank smash ‘Lucy’ is released on 25 March, and the London quartet will be celebrating with a not-to-be-missed launch party at The Finsbury on Saturday 19. To finish we cross the Atlantic for another release from prime Boston-based label Top Shelf. ‘Blank Stare’ by Solids is the alt.rock banger on offer here.