Listen/review: SULK – The Tape Of You

Words by Dein Moore @deingerous1

The time is right for well-crafted Britpop and London quintet SULK tip their psychedelic-drenched sound in favour of the movement with their latest single 'The Tape Of You’. The track opens with a slight build that introduces the band, before no time is wasted getting straight into the opening melody, which feels somewhat lazy and laidback but is given flight with the aid of the dreamy, spacey guitar riffs.

Musically tight and lyrically beautiful, the track keeps the listener in a constant gentle sway and never seems to let go of a high feeling that strings your ears along for the whole ride. The catchy chorus has a slight build every time it comes around, followed by a gentle but powerful guitar solo that you can't help but credit. ‘The Tape Of You’ is a lovely piece of Britpop that harks back to the 90s but has a current sound that paves its own path.

Sulk’s debut album, 'No Illusions', is out on 15 April on Perfect Sound Forever