Watch/review: DMA's – Delete

Words by Holly Warren. @hollylikesmusic

The buzz surrounding DMA’s ‘Delete’ right now suggests that in the middle of an overwhelmingly electronic landscape people have found an oasis in a little unassuming guitar ballad. The song has already gone way beyond its bedroom-recorded roots and with vocals so distinctly British they rival Jarvis Cocker and Damon Albarn, it’s hard to believe those roots were planted in Australia. Everything about the band seems inspired by the golden age of guitar pop; the late 80s to early 90s, even down to their Stone Roses-style tracksuits. The lyrics, “Don’t delete my baby” could allude to anything, but there’s a heart-on-sleeve emotion behind the whole thing that gives ‘Delete’ all the qualifications to be the film-trailer song for an against-all-odds, ‘quirky girl, awkward guy’ romance. It’s the song that DMA’s will use to close their mainstage festival sets and there’ll be one lad in a bucket hat who swears that in that final chorus he saw God singing: “Let it all out, just let it all out, to find the feeling”.

DMA’s debut album, ‘Hills End’, is out on 26 February on Infectious

See DMA’s live:

Sun 28 Feb: Stereo, Glasgow

Mon 29 Feb: The Cluny, Newcastle

Wed 2 Mar: Garage, London N5

Fri 4 Mar: Belgrave, Leeds

Sat 5 Mar: Ruby Lounge, Manchester