Interview: Mortimer Jackson - Revolution

Mortimer Jackson grew up in Somerset. Glastonbury, to be precise – I’ve never heard of it – but was born in Highgate, London, which is where he currently sets up shop. His track ‘Revolution’ has swagger by the bucketload and is jam-packed with catchy hooks and lead lines that will leave your foot stomping for at least an hour post-first listen. I caught up with Mortimer on all things inspiring, the Britpop era and more, check it out below!

Review by Lewis Abbott

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Lewis) What is your main inspiration when writing?

Mortimer) I get inspired by all sorts of daily life situations. I like picking up on little details and working them into the bigger picture. I also get inspired when I see really great musicians playing live, or a when I see a really fresh new band with a unique sound.  Situations inspire me to write, other musicians/bands inspire me to experiment and improve. Hopefully you'll see that when I next go to the studio.

What is the methodology behind your writing?

Usually a lyrical or melodic phrase pops into my head, I grab a guitar and it starts from there. If i'm out and about with no guitar, I sing it into my phone for later.  Sometimes it can also start with a guitar riff from jamming over a drum loop. Once I have the bones of the song (basic lyrics, melodies, and chord structure), I will spend a few days tweaking it till I'm happy with it, and a few days writing the lyrics for the other verses. I often write lyrics when I'm travelling somewhere on my own. I like the movement and sometimes something catches my eye and inspires me further.

You describe yourself as a Britpop artist. What are your favourite releases from the movement’s heyday?

‘Common People’ by Pulp; ‘There's No Other Way’ by Blur; ‘Cigarettes & Alcohol’ by Oasis; ‘Place Your Hands’ by Reef; ‘Hundred Mile High City’ by Ocean Colour Scene

And who are you listening to right now?

The Clockworks. Lady Bird. Gerry Cinnamon. Sam Fender.

If you could curate a music festival, who would the three headliners be?

Red Hot Chili Peppers, Paul McCartney and Foals.