Interview: Loose Bolts - This Is Goodbye

Formed in 2015, Loose Bolts is the project of multi-instrumentalist Ian (Brice) Gomez. I caught up with him to talk about ‘This is Goodbye’, his latest single, inspired by a brief love affair and bedroom pop.

Words by Lewis Abbott

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Lewis) How did Loose Bolts start?

Loose Bolts) So LB started as sort of a side project in between playing drums for a black/death-metal band and a folk/surf-punk band. I was always writing lyrics and playing guitar and I still do. It's just something I've enjoyed doing since I was very young.

I don't remember how the name came about, but I do know that the cover art for Something To Write Home About by The Get Up Kids inspired the concept. If the albums are a body of work, then the songs and different combinations of influences are the loose bolts. 

What is 'This Is Goodbye' about, and what inspired it musically?

‘This Is Goodbye’ was inspired by a short-lived relationship. I began to feel deeply for this person, but soon came to realise that our individual types of crazy weren't necessarily compatible, and that is a very light explanation. When I wrote the song and started adding layers, Mac Miller's Swimming was a big inspiration for vocal production; that record, along with older Beach House stuff. The kind of current wave of ‘bedroom pop’ artists was inspiring me at the time as well. I wrote the song over a year ago and tried recording and mixing it a few different ways. I still didn't nail my vision exactly, but I'll get ‘em next time.

What are your aims for 2020?

I want to release an album that really introduces Loose Bolts to the world and I want to begin to really find the people who live for what I'm creating as a producer and songwriter. I know you're out there. I would even release two albums by the end of next year if I can put myself in a position to where that would make sense. Touring is definitely on my mind as well. I need to. Not even as a career move. Just as a way to answer some questions about life. It would be a good career move as well. 

Who are you listening to right now?

PJ Morton, The Marias, D'Angelo, Mid-Air Thief, Father John Misty, Bach... Just a few recents in my heavy rotation.

If you could curate a three-day weekend festival, who would the headliners be?

Radiohead, Dashboard Confessional, The Strokes. Lets throw John Mayer in there too. In a different reality, Prince, Leon Russell and Bob Marley would be there as well.