Interview: Seth in Sweden - Lake Tape EP

Seth In Sweden is a 20-year-old musician producing lo-fi melancholic Mac DeMarco-esque music in his bedroom. Utilising everything from flutes to synths, strings and percussion, Seth is super diverse and his brand of music is truly gorgeous. He talked to LITM about his new EP, ‘Lake Tape’, his inspirations and one tiny white lie...

Words by Lewis Abbott

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Lewis) Maybe this is a stupid question, but where are you based? And how does your location affect your writing?

Seth ) I’m actually based in Suffolk, pretty far from Sweden. I suppose the location, being pretty rural and isolated, has made the music sound pretty lonely, but happy with the nature of things as well. 

 What inspired you to write the ‘Lake Tape’ EP, and how did the writing process unfold?

The tape is half and half old and new material that I’ve had on my laptop for a while and never finished. My best pal Ryan encouraged me to finish the songs and gave me the little push I needed to put them out there. I realised I’d need some artwork for them and thought it’d be cool to use some of the pictures I’d got in Sweden – so took the name of the project from that. 

In your spare time, outside of music, what do you do?

I like to read and walk my dog, very exciting stuff! But I don’t do a whole bunch outside of just noodling around with musical bits.

If you had to curate a festival, who would the three headliners be?

Jeez, I’m really not sure, I’d love to see Michael Franks, BADBADNOTGOOD and Thundercat. That’d be a fun mix.